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Grindstone on the Monon

By Clancy’s Inc.


Growing up in Indiana is a privilege. 

Our love is growing unique restaurants in the Midwest. It’s our roots. It’s in our DNA. It’s tradition. It’s family, and it’s hard work. We come by it naturally though. After all, it started through the generations with our father & grandfather, Carl Fogelsong. A man who initially executed his vision and was eventually named to the Indiana Restaurant Hall of Fame. Since 1965 our business remains committed to its roots: love of community, friends and family, and a universal spirit of quality food and excellence of service.

Fast forward to today. Grindstone on the Monon is us sharing a bit more of our love with the community. A beautiful culmination of generations of family commitment to our core values and our Midwest heritage. So we welcome you. Stop by after the grind of your day. Pull up a chair. Have a cocktail. Maybe even try our best ever locally sourced American fare. But don’t worry... we’ve got a seat waiting for you.

Our Family

Grindstone on the Monon is owned and operated by Clancy’s, Inc., a  family owned and operated restaurant company. Our goal is and has always been to create, develop, build, and operate restaurants that we’re proud to share with our family and friends.

Steeped in the values of the Midwest, we hope our restaurant makes you feel as comfortable as home but without the hassle. We want to help you let go of the daily grind. Take a seat. Relax. Enjoy!

Our Team